Travel Insurance for Motorbike and Scooter riders

Are you planning a holiday overseas and want to ride a motorcycle or scooter? Motorcycle accidents and injuries You will be surprised to find out that your travel insurance might not cover your injuries from an accident. Many travel insurance companies have restrictions on coverage for motorcycles. A typical exception is that you won’t be […]

Compare Travel Insurance

Take a look at the different insurance products available by some of Australia’s best Travel Insurance companies. This price comparison takes the most comprehensive insurance policy from each company and compare the price across 3 common scenarios. Review their Schedule of Benefits and PDS for more information. Compare travel insurance policies and prices below. Company […]

Prenancy and child birth

One of the biggest traps with travel insurance is that none will cover the birth of a newborn child, whether premature or not (that I know of, please feel free to contact us if you have found a company that does). This can be a real risk for pregnant women travelling overseas, even from the […]

Travel insurance for seniors

Getting the right Travel Insurance for seniors can be difficult. Many insurance companies won’t even insure you if you are over 65 years old, or over 70 years old, etc. Worldcare Travel Insurance cover travellers up to 85 years old. Their age premium loading is very generous and only takes effect from 71 years old. […]

Snow and ski insurance

If you are planning on going to the snow and either skiing, snowboarding or some other snow related sport then you need to make sure that you are covered as ski accidents are far too common. Most travel insurance plans will not cover snow sports and skiing by default. Some offer it as an option […]

Credit card coverage

Some credit cards offer free travel insurance when used to purchase flights or holidays. This usually only occurs on the Gold or higher class of Credit Cards. Credit Card Travel Insurance is often good enough for a short standard trip but usually have severe restrictions. Often they will limit a trip to 3 months with […]

Travel agents

You should do your own research before purchasing travel insurance from a travel agent. Travel Agents make large commissions from selling travel insurance to unsuspecting travellers. They are also able to offer large discounts because their standard prices are so high, don’t be fooled by them offering 25% or more of the price. This is […]

Budget travel insurance

Sometimes you want to get travel insurance but are willing to sacrifice some of the cover for a cheaper price. Some insurers offer special budget, backpacker, or cancellation insurance. Medical emergencies can cost up to $100,000 or more if an evacuation is required so it is a very good idea to get some level of […]

Buying online

All the big Travel Insurance companies and their agents operate online. Its a great way for them to cut costs by selling directly to you. Traditionally people purchased their travel insurance from their travel agent when buying their tickets. By cutting out the middle men you can save a lot of money buying travel insurance […]

Why travel insurance?

Should you purchase Travel Insurance? The answer is invariably yes. Most of the time your travels will be uneventful and the money spent on travel insurance may be seen as a waste. Sometimes the worst does happen, and it happens to you. Here are some of the incidents that may occur when travelling. Sickness Injuries […]

Already overseas?

It happens to all of us. You forget to purchase travel insurance before you leave to go overseas or you are enjoying yourself so much you want to keep travelling. Don’t worry! In most cases you can extend your current travel insurance policy. Some companies allow you to do this online and others require you […]

Travel Tips

Everyone needs a little help when traveling. Here is a list of resources that will help in your travels: General Travel Advice Hotel Reviews Hostel Bookings and Reviews Currency Exchange Rates Airfares, Hotel Bookings, and Tours Travel Guides and Equipment