Travel Insurance for Motorbike and Scooter riders

Are you planning a holiday overseas and want to ride a motorcycle or scooter?

Motorcycle accidents and injuries

You will be surprised to find out that your travel insurance might not cover your injuries from an accident. Many travel insurance companies have restrictions on coverage for motorcycles.

A typical exception is that you won’t be protected if you don’t have a valid licence in the country you are visiting.

From Travel Insurance Direct you aren’t covered if:

rides a motor cycle (except as a pillion passenger) without a licence that is valid in the relevant country.

Other insurers go further and require you to have a valid licence in Australia.

Worldcare Travel Insurance won’t provide coverage if:

Your claim arises from being in control of a motorcycle without a current Australian motorcycle licence or you are a passenger travelling on a motorcycle that is in the control of a person that does not hold a current motorcycle licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

Many countries don’t require riders of scooters or mopeds to have a drivers or motorcycle licence. Most insurers treat scooters the same as motorcycles so you will typically require an Australian motorcycle licence.

It can be confusing in some countries because they may legally require you to have a motorcycle licence but it isn’t enforced. The responsibility is on the traveller to make sure they comply with local laws so do some research before you go.

Make sure you review the travel insurance PDS carefully to know when you will be covered by the policy.

Theft or damage to motorcycles

What happens if the motorcycle you are renting gets stolen? Again, you might be surprised to find out that some travel insurance companies don’t cover it. The same also tends to apply for damage to the motorcycle or other peoples vehicles or property.

Travel Insurance Direct have the following exclusion:

We do not cover your liability arising out of your ownership, possession or use of a mechanically propelled vehicle (this means you are not covered if you injure someone or cause damage to someone’s property whilst the motorcycle is in your care).

Read your PDS carefully and review the cover for motorcycles if you plan to ride one when on holiday.

Need more help?

  • Review the travel insurance PDS or policy wording
  • Contact your travel insurance company
  • Smarttraveller has some great information about road travel internationally.


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