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The world of travel insurance can be very complicated. We're here to help make taking out travel insurance easier for you. Just by following a number of simple steps can save a lot of money the next time you take out insurance. The most important of these is to listen to what other customer have to say - reading travel insurance reviews is a great way to do this.

Things like cancellation and delay may occur additional costs which will be paid out under this part of the policy. Read carefully the conditions in the policy so that you understand when claims can be made. Usually it must be delays over a certain time or cancellation through no fault of your own. If you book ahead this is very important but less so if you book as you go.
Something you take with you gets lost, stolen, or broken. This is really important if you want coverage of high value items. Travel insurance usually doesn't give New for Old replacement unless the item has be specifically listed and an extra premium paid. This also apply to any items that are valued at more than the limits.

This is probably the most important part of any travel insurance policy. It will cover your hospital stays or other medical costs. This includes getting flown back to Australia for treatment.

Read some travel insurance reviews from the following companies:

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You can review and compare the features of the major Australian travel insurance companies and the policies they offer including 1Cover Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance Direct, AAMI, Allianz, NRMA, Suresave, Insure4less Travel Insurance, World Nomads, iTrek Travel Insurance, Worldcare and more.

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If you aren't an Australia resident or leaving from Australia most of these companies won't insure you - World Nomads are international and provide policies to most countries.