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  1. What a complete waste of money!!!!
    We had all of our luggage stolen when thieves smashed the windows to gain access to our SUV rental car. We were left with nothing three days into our trip to the USA. Called Fast Cover for assistance and their response was “We’re terribly sorry but unless your luggage was in a locked compartment in the rental car, being the trunk, glove box or centre console there is nothing we can do.” Our luggage was under a blanket in the rear of the SUV and my backpack hidden behind drivers seat under jumpers. The offence happened in broad daylight between the hours of 10am-12pm parked in a Main Street in Portland. We lost everything and all that the consultants kept telling us is to check out page ‘xyz’ of the PDS where it states that we will not cover you as your items were not locked away. But submit the claim and see how you go.
    I would accept the fact of our items not being locked away if the offence occurred during the evening but this happened in broad daylight and all items were concealed.
    If thieves gained access to a sedan with a boot they can still gain access by popping the boot lever.
    My kids saved up for 12 months to go on a shopping spree and they lost everything due to a technicality. Try and explain that to them you corporate thieves.
    I will definitely let everyone I work with and friends and family of Fast Covers fineprint.

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