1. I’ve learnt the hard way”. Going with a cheaper Insurer isn’t always best.
    Trying to get the Assessor to make contact to complete final works on car is very stressful.
    After making several phone calls to one only call centre’ to a person who doesn’t speak proper english.
    No response to emails either – what a joke.

  2. Bingle has terrible service and misleading policy reminders. Not until I went to the RTA did I discover there was a slight wording difference to the CTP I thought I was paying for. Sent several emails…no reply..and would have called but….Oh they dont have a phone number let alone human being to talk to online… steer clear of them its not worth the hassel !

  3. BINGLEi s the nightmare to deal with. i paid 2 policies for the same car by mistake.BINGLE did not notify me. when i wanted a refund, it me hours to track down usable email. Looks lime they want to hide anonymous except to collect your premiums. when i logged as a registered customer, there is no space to lodge this refund claim. Just a accident claim is logegeable. othere workable emails to them were not responded or answered or re-directed. a grave mistake buying BINGLE

  4. *Warning – Rant* DO NOT GET INSURANCE THROUGH BINGLE!! They have absolutely screwed me with their decision to repair instead of write it off. The repairer recommend that the car be written off but Bingle decided fixing it would be cheaper and better for THEM. Meanwhile the assessor admitted to me that it is hard to get parts for this car with the current covid pandemic. Yet they still decided that fixing it would be better. I have now been without my car for over two months. The repairer is out of pocket for the parts they have fixed. They have not reimbursed me for our excess, our car seats or number plates. We are out of pocket almost $2000. There is no ETA on when parts will be available, all they can say is it won’t be before Christmas. How is this fair and reasonable?, what is a reasonable amount of time to wait? I feel they should have written my car off as they KNEW it would likely take a substantial amount of time to fix and the damage was substantial – front, rear and all airbags. They have accepted no responsibility and have basically said “too bad”. So if all I can get is that I save a few people from signing up with a bullcrap insurance company then I will be happy. I should mention that I wasn’t at fault however the person that hit me wasn’t insured.

    Rating: 1
  5. VERY poor customer service
    Did NOT cover permanent modifications/accessories fitted to vehicle when the market value was determined, a total contradiction to what it states when entering your “Estimated Value”

    Rating: 1
  6. Very cheap however if you need to make a claim you don’t get to choose your repairer and the staff are very forceful about using their repairer. The staff I have dealt with during the claims process (fir two separate claims) have been very rude and unhelpful. Do not recommend Bingle, pay more money and get far better service elsewhere.

    Rating: 0.5

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