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AAMI is part of the Suncorp group of companies and was originally founded in 1970. They are a leading Australian car insurance provider and have more than 2.5 million policyholders. AAMI also offer home, small business and compulsory third party insurance (CTP). Read some AAMI car insurance reviews below or leave your own.

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance review

Online discounts $50 for new policies
Max no claim discount 70%
Multi policy discount 10% when combined with Home insurance


Choice of repairer
Choice of agree or market value
Pay monthly at no extra cost
New car replacement 2 years


Excess free Windscreen replacement Optional
Hire car after accident Optional
Variable excess (to reduce premium) $625 to $2175


  1. AAMI used to be a great insurer with quality repairers.

    I had a small chip and a broken rear window in my brand new $131,000 2019 Discovery and they made me use their repairer who could not even put the lettering back straight.

    Repair looks like a four year old did it. I am ashamed to drive it and will get it fixed at my own cost. “Lucky, you’re with AAMI” no “God help me, I’m with AAMI” is more accurate!

    All hot air about satisfaction. AAMI is now a foreign staffed call centre with deflect, ignore and frustrate strategies.

    Stay well away.

    Rating: 0.5
  2. Extremely poor level of service. I was in an accident and my car was not towed for over a week. Every time I called there was a person who told me something different. They did not seem to make any notes it seems. Lies and false promises. Also please be aware, I was also told by a panel beater that AAMI repairers do shoddy work using cheap car parts that are not genuine. My car was checked and found to have been replaced with cheap parts that were not genuine. They also take an excess out of you and then recover costs from the other party. apparently this has been a game they have been playing for quite a while. Please warn anyone you know and let your family and friends know so that they do not fall prey to AAMI. I think a class action against AAMI is needed.

    Rating: 0.5
  3. After being a dedicated customer for the last ten years I recently had to lodge my first claim with AAMI. I was in an accident on a major freeway and crashed into the car in front of me. AAMI were quick to organise a repairer and I was told there was no mechanical damage – just panel beating required. When I picked up my car I could immediately tell something was wrong with the engine. It was loud and rough sounding and didn’t respond like it did prior to the accident. 24 hours later the check engine light started flashing and I contacted AAMI to tell them it needed to go back to the mechanic. The mechanic told AAMI that the engine problems were unrelated to the accident so AAMI are refusing to repair the issues. My car was purchased brand new less than three years ago and has only done 50,000km. It never had any form of engine trouble prior to the accident! It is ludicrous to conclude that the issues with my car are not a consequence of the major accident it was involved in. Initially AAMI agreed to provide a second assessment given the obvious problems with the repair job. They have since reneged on the second assessment and I am now beginning proceedings with the ACCC. Avoid AAMI at all costs!!!! They will do the minimum required to get your car back on the road and then take zero responsibility for the shoddy repair job. I cannot begin to express by utter disappointment and fury at how this issue has been handled and how I have been treated.

    Rating: 0.5

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