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  1. Absolutely disgusted with Allianz customer service.
    Have been using them for a year now, lady who I signed up with was amazing.
    However yesterday I needed to change my policy to our new home which we will be living in soon.
    My bank needed the paperwork so I called up Allianz to discuss and help me, obviously I had no idea how this works.
    The man who spoke to me on the phone could barely speak english properly and would get annoyed when I asked him to repeat,he kept asking me ridiculous questions and kept putting me on hold to ask someone else.
    He then decided to cancel my policy.
    What the hell? I called up for help and how we can move forward instead he cancelled me as a customer.
    Great service Absolutely DISGUSTING.
    I spoke so lovely to you on the phone, you clearly need to find another job where you don’t talk to people.

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