Car Insurance Reviews

The world of car insurance can be very complicated. Comprehensive, third party, CTP and Green slips.

Comprehensive car insurance is the most common type. It covers your own car and other cars in case of accident plus common perils such as fire, storm, hail and theft. There are many types of optional extras like hire cars after accident or excess free windscreen replacement.

Third party car insurance only covers other cars during an accident and not your own (liability). A common upgrade is cover for fire and theft.

CTP insurance, also known as Green Slip in NSW, covers personal injury only and is compulsory although it is included in your registration in most states of Australia.

We're here to help make taking out car insurance easier for you. Just by following a number of simple steps can save a lot of money the next time you take out insurance. The most important of these is to listen to what other customer have to say - reading car insurance reviews is a great way to do this.

Car Insurance Reviews

You can review and compare the features of the major Australian car insurance companies and the policies they offer.

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