1. I have had a claim in for about 3 years today my claim was rejected because in their own words i had covid, I never had covid it was cancelled BECAUSE OF COVID AND ALSO NO ONE COULD TRAVEL DURING THESE DATES, but trying to explain this to these idiots is very hard
    what they tell me is resubmit your claim, does that mean wait another 3 years i am 71 are the waiting on me dying then write the claim off.
    in a few words avoid this micky mouse company at all costs

    Rating: 0.5
  2. NEVER use this insurance company. They make it seem like they will insure you but in the VERY fine print they cover next to nothing.
    I had someone die, and I couldn’t go away anymore. Apparently that’s not a good enough reason. They refund you for cancellations, and I quote: “if it’s a situation that is out of your control”. I guess it’s my fault they’re dead then. I guess I could control that huh 🙂
    And I will literally crap all over their name on every social media, every forum, every person I meet until I get my money back.

    Rating: 1
  3. I have purchased yearly a travel policy with covermore for my family. I have never made a claim and then when Covid hits they now decided they will not pay despite a policy saying “Cancel for any Reason”. They were very happy to sell me the policy !

    Rating: 1
  4. Like many others I sustained considerable losses due to flight cancellations and rerouting due to COVID-19. My claim was denied because it was caused by a pandemic! Unless you are a lawyer who may have spotted that clause or even worried about it; I bought my fares in Sept 2019. What a rip-off. Never again.

    Rating: 0.5
  5. complete waist of time this company does not care about its customers. I made a claim six weeks ago for a refund on a cancelled policy it was also within the 15 day cooling period.
    I have sent 6 emails 5 phone calls nothing happens they reply by saying we will reply within two working days they do absolutely nothing, I would never ever use or recommend this company to anybody.
    they are rubbish and show no interest in dealing with their clients.

    Rating: 0.5
  6. so last year me and Shelley thought to our self lets have a nice little wedding in in late April/ early may, hired a beautiful 12 bed villa costing close to 9k Aus for the venue in bail,
    got canclation cover insurance through Cover-More Travel Insurance back in October, just incase anything happened, now they won’t cover anything, so looks like not getting married anymore and just throw the last 2 years of saving away. and with 2 little boys 3 and under, and some member of our family in the high risk zone for the coronavirus, the lovely people at cover more would rather we put the young and elderly at risk rather the payout anything, insurance companies a crooks, the lest they could put on a balaclava’s and try beat me for my money lest I might have a chance of keeping some of it

    Rating: 0.5
  7. Beware don’t go with cover more they will wriggle out of paying for any claim. Recently had a flight cancellation due to Jetstar staff strike and refused claim for excess flights transfers and accommodation.

  8. The worst ! do not use this company! 2-month work trip to the USA, Qantas loses all my clothes, suits, jeans, socks my whole dam wardrobe. my clothes were all up to 4 yrs old and because I don’t have receipts for my socks, jeans suits etc won’t pay a cent. DO NOT USE THIS COPMPANY ! wish I had read these reviews first.

    Rating: 0.5
  9. We are extremely disappointed with the service received from this company after making our claim. The company used the fine print of the words “indirectly caused by” to deny my claim for an extremely rare medical condition I experience while on a cruise. My doctor informed me that the condition I experienced occurs for only about 4% of the adult population but can be caused by many things. The company claims officer played us around for months with delaying tactics. My repeated requests for evidence to justify their denial of my claim and a statement of their definition of the words “indirectly caused by” were ignored. DO NOT use this company for your medical travel insurance!!!!

    Rating: 1
    1. The company has now, 7 months after my initial claim and after a lot of email and phone contacts, agreed to payout. The final person I dealt with from the company was very professional and helpful. Even offering me information that helped to increase the amount of the payout.

  10. I can only add what others think about this company. It has been 4 months since we made our clam and they find a technicality not to pay us the amount we think we are owed. Gives Flight Centre a poor name. As retirees looking forward to multiple cruises they have blown it for not paying out on a claim of less than $1,000.00. DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AT YOUR PERIL

  11. Beware of this travel insurance company ,when making a claim they will make it as difficult as possible, never made a claim in twenty two years of insurance, and find the way this file as been handled as appalling !!!!

    Rating: 1
  12. We took out an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy with Cover More in March 2017. We had to cancel a trip to Norfolk Island as I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a heart issue, which required implantation of a pacemaker in October 2017. Formal notice of cancellation of the trip was provided in advance of the date of travel and the completed insurance claim form submitted through our Flight Centre travel agent in mid-November 2017. As of mid-April 2018 we have heard nothing from Cover More. A totally unacceptable delay.

    Rating: 0.5
    1. An absolute injustice! Just finishing high school, I decided to purchase airline tickets, approximately $1700, to travel to Europe. However due to a random panic attack that had me incapacitated indoors for 4 days hallucinating and paranoid, I decided to review my decision to go overseas (as nothing like this has ever happened before). So I decided it was best to identify why I had this panic attack and how to deal with something like this in the future. Thus I decide to get my ticket refunded. However I was denied sufficient compensation as it was claimed my anxiety was “pre-existing condition.” The only money I received back from the flights was $200! Note: I had never experienced a panic attack like this, and my anxiety had never before stopped me from travelling. As an 18 year old who earns near to nothing, losing this money was absolutely heartbreaking. I was scammed due to a clause that was discriminate towards mental health and hidden in the special conditions. For example if someone had had a weak ankle from a previous condition, bought airline tickets, and then broke their foot due to randomly falling, they would be compensated immediately. I find it an absolute injustice towards mental health, and is something Covermore needs to re-evaluate in order to avoid exploiting young people. After cancelling those flights the airline company would have profited handsomely from reselling the tickets. I am utterly discouraged to ever buy another ticket, and honestly, as mental health problems are so increasingly relevant in today’s society, for it not to be regarded correctly as a sufficient excuse for compensation is terrible. Most of my peers my age also have many mental health problems, and to know their money would be taken out of their hands due to a freak attack has dissuaded them from buying a ticket. All in all I am disgusted at the way Covermore completely rejected my claim, and hope they learn to understand the significance of mental health, and treat it just as justly as if it were a physical condition.

      Rating: 0.5
  13. Covernore – useless ! Had taken out cover with them prior to a trip to head from Brisbane to Sydney to care for my daughter who was to undergo reconstructive surgery. We boarded the flight in Brisbane for it to not only delay departing, also could not land in Sydney due to severe storms. The surgeon cancelled the pre op consultation which resulted in the operation being cancelled for the following day as the flight arrived to Sydney at 8pm at night instead of the 340pm scheduled arrival time. The accommodation was non refundable and we were forced to pay 1900 dollars. The operation was unable to be rescheduled and we had a letter from qantas and the surgeon to justify our claim and it was unsuccessful in all attempts with covernore. What a joke! Disgusting customer care and waste of money taking out insurance with such an incompetent careless company.

  14. So glad I came across this website in a search. About to take out travel insurance and can see by the number of unhappy customers that using Cover More Travel Insurance is not worth the risk. I want peace of mind, not angst. I will search other companies.

  15. My mother had to cancel her trip to UK at short notice due to being diagnosed with a melanoma requiring urgent treatment.
    The claim is still being processed – lodged July – today November.
    The process has been delayed by either incredible incompetence or deliberate obfuscation – for example responses from Doctors & travel agents in separate incidents mysteriously not being able to be found.
    On following up the response from Covermore has consistently been indifference.

    My family, friends & workplace will never use this company again.

    Rating: 1
  16. Travellers beware, Covermore Travel Insurance Company – It’s like trying to draw blood from a stone when making a legitiate Claim. I have not only been waiting six months for my claim for a cancelled holiday to the Gold Coast, Queensland, but there has been unnecessary delays – repeatedly asking for more ( already given ) information. I wish I had read this Site before handing over my money for travel insurance to Covermore.

    Rating: 1
  17. We bought insurance, after dealing with them for years. I had an ear ache and was told not to fly, admittedly it was 3 days before trip, not my fault. We got an letter saying they were dealing with it, then the girl went on leave, the thing that annoys people is being in the dark. If they had said, no way, no money, at least you know, but why take insurance, they scare you into the process, then do not follow through, we started your business and made you big. At least honour the people who have made you successful, do the right thing, do not get bad press, I was so lucky I did not get sick overseas, because Cover-more only covers their a..e. Jayne Rankin (Not happy)

    We had 4 bags stolen from our hire car in the US with between 8- 10 thousand dollars worth stolen. Our claim was rejected because we left the car unattended in a paid car park. I guess we were stupid as according to them some one should have stayed with the car or we should have lugged all our luggage around with us for the day. They don’t reply to customers we found out our claim was denied through a third party. Also if you are making a claim through this mob be sure to have receipts for every thing you try to claim and I mean everything (underware,clothes,cameras,toiletries) yes I know most people don’t keep every receipt for everything they own but this mob expect you to.

    Rating: 1
  19. Potential insurance buyers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The are unnecessarly slow to respond, difficult to deal with and have ruined my families holiday by leaving us with insufficent funds. Our claim is still not settled and could not be more clear cut. Take heed and steer clear.

  20. Dear customers, we have only discovered this review site recently and will be monitoring it now to assist our customers whenever possible. However, please call us on 1300 72 88 22 (open 7 days) if any questions / concerns / feedback whenever possible. Often, we can sort out any problems or concerns pretty quickly with just a phone call.

    Dear Rex,

    In 2001 when September 11 occurred, Cover-More had tens of thousands of travellers overseas that were unable to travel (as you are well aware flights were grounded across the world and in some parts for many days). If additional accommodation was required this was claimable for this event, however usually claimed on return. Emergency assistance was being provided to injured customers and to family members of people missing at that time.

    Chris, it does sound strange that a small claim would take that long to process. The usual claims turnaround is less that 10 business days if all information is provided and the claims team (who dealt with more than 70 000 claims in 2011) are usually pretty efficient and document conversations when necessary. In an emergency your calls would be handled by the emergency assistance team who are open 24 hours.

    Margaret, this situation sounds highly unusual. If a claim is approved then we can arrange to pay overseas providers. The only reason a bill wouldn’t be paid in these circumstances is if it hadn’t been received by Cover-More. It would just be a simple matter of forwarding this on to Cover-More if sent to your home address. If you are still having any problems with this bill please call our customer service team on 1300 72 88 22 so we can assist.

    Kind Regards, Cover-More Travel Insurance

  21. We had Covermore in the USA for 10 days. While we were there was the 9/11 towers collapse in New York so all airports were closed which meant we had extra hotel and food costs and delayed flights. While we were stuck in the USA for 6 days we got no help from Covermore. They told us keep all receipts and when we returned they would refund. (what help is that) There we were stuck in the USA at the end of the trip with a small amount of money, so local people took a collection so we could stay in a motel and feed ourselves one meal a day. There is no security having Covermore, when we got back home they paid in reasonable time but when we needed them in the USA they were useless.

    Rating: 2
  22. Had a small claim of $400 which took six months to process. Repeated email and phone enquiries led to nowhere, call centre staff didn’t know anything, would not transfer me to anyone else, and no notes on previous conversations were kept on the system so I had to repeat myself every time. Frustrating nightmare. I don’t want to know what would have happened if I had had a serious emergency overseas, and will thankfully never know as I will never use this insurance again.

    Rating: 1
  23. We took out the top cover with Cover More Travel Insurance when we travelled to the USA and stayed for several months. My daughter injured her ankle, and after a visit to the emergency department at the local hospital (Kansas City) where she had an Xray to determine whether it was broken, a bandage and crutches, the bill came to $900. Covermore did not cover any of the bill even though it fell within their liability to do so. I made several calls to Australia and they admitted liability for the bill, but still no payment! I was shocked when 2 YEARS LATER the hospital called us, the bill had STILL not been paid and they had to write it off as a bad debt!! I said I would let as many people buying travel insurance know to NEVER deal with Cover More, because they don’t cover ANYTHING!! By the way we paid over $3,000 for our policy for 9 months coverage. Guess whose pocket that went into.

    Rating: 1

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