1. i would like share my anger and dissepoinment with aami i have been with them for 3 years have a 2 bmw 1 wrx and house content i got my whole family change there insurence company from nrma to aami well the biggest mistake i have ever done i had a accident on the 9/06/13 some idiot crossed in my lane then i swirl to the left and car the went in to the ditch they have write off the car and put me in to the investigation
    now my biggest anger is i dont give a shit about the investigation as long as its done properly today i got investigated by this racist pi and asking the same question 5 times after an hour of the investigation he took off then my little daughter came up to and crying then asked dad please dont leave me i said im not going anywhere then she asked me why did man asked you some much qustions i have got up and smacked the wall and asked my self this qustion
    (who the hell is aami to treat me like a crimal next to my family i havent murder anyone or ran over anyone never had a claim i hate this company i am going to talk to aami tomorrow morning not in a good mood also will be canceling over 10 poilices with them im going to expole my experiance with everyone i know they have no right for this

    Rating: 1
  2. Same issue as everyone else, They are a joke!! Did exactly as they told me to do and then they say i shouldn’t have done it that way.

    Would not recommend!

    Rating: 3
  3. I put in a claim 8 weeks ago with AAMI and I’m still waiting. I have to call them to get anything to happen. Now they tell me there’s a problem with my documentation. They could have told me that 8 weeks ago when I made the initial claim!
    I have a feeling they put a pretty incompetent person on my case and now they are covering for him. When I asked a supervisor if he though I had been treated well and in a reasonable amount of time he answered – Yes!! What planet does he live on?
    I have so far dissuaded 6 people from taking AAMI travel insurance and I will continue to do so as long as they treat me like this.

    Rating: 2
  4. Never Use AAMI! They are just short of being CRIMINAL!!!

    They advertise CUSTOMER SERVICE. But don’t provide it.
    When they don’t pay a claim, and you escalate they say the reasons for not paying are:

    1. NOT Economical to pay
    2. We have obligations to our shareholders, and it would not be prudent to pay. Even in unique situations.
    3. Splitting apart claims so they can pay as little as possible
    4. They believe if they say they are SORRY, that is good enough for them to not pay. As if!! Sorry doesn’t replace unpaid claims and Poor Customer Service!

    Rating: 2
  5. Do NOT use AAMI Travel insurance, while you are overseas you cannot contact anyone. Even when someone in Australia called for us, and asked that they call me back, 1 week later we are still waiting! They have also not responded to my email……DO THEY EXIST????

    Rating: 2

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