1. Be careful with this company. It is easy enough to take out a policy and even the summary looks like you are being well covered. This all changes if you need to make a claim. It took 5 weeks for my simple claim to be assessed. My flight was cancelled and I lost connecting flights and prepaid accommodation. She’ll be right I’ve got travel insurance. Even though over and over their document says you ae covered for cancellation there is some fine print on page 72 1.1 f (of course we all read this ) stating that you are NOT covered at all for cancellation of a flight. Be careful people – seek an alternative policy provider.

    Rating: 0.5
  2. Were delayed through no fault of our own and missed connecting flight.
    Were told that replacement tickets and fares were not covered, only the cost of the original fares and tickets. Even then they delay processing by 10 working days each time. Because they ask for more information, bit by bit. I am sure it is designed to cause frustration and eventually giving up. Our case was an open and shut case but boy they know how to make it difficult. The stereotype insurance people to deal with: finding ways not to pay!!!

  3. I recently had to make a claim for a broken laptop. The claim took 6 weeks but eventually I got a new one. Worth the money but a little slow.

    Rating: 4
  4. Terrible customer service. Was lied to from start to finish about being notified and contacted. I had to do all the following up only to be refused on the grounds that I was robbed in a public place, apparently theft from a public place is not covered by these snakes….. carefully read all the fine print.

    Rating: 2
    1. Interesting- they got us to put the laptop into a computer repair shop to access the cost of fixing the damage. Then we had to send off the repair estimate before we got a claim number. Once we did that, we were requested to send more details about where we were when the damage happened ( on the plane!). After submitting this, we had to wait 14 business days before we received a call notifying us of the outcome of the claim. As for the outcome? Denied! ” they do not cover electrical goods in luggage that has been checked into the hold of an aeroplane.” If they knew this, why get us to jump through all the hoops? Is it a game they play with customers?!

  5. I used world care when I was working at a ski resort in Canada. fell down metal stairs and got taken to hospital in an ambulance and got 22 stitches and a $1000 bill….. i filled a claim once i got home which was 6 months later. once i sent the claim form to them plus the hospital report i received my money within two weeks. they were great. would definitely recommend world care.

    Rating: 5

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