1. My car was damage in my driveway br drunk drive at the middle of night. I have full copy of incident reports records via surveillance camera. There was also cops was during time of incident.

    I had gold Comprehensive insurance with Budget Direct, when I was insured with Budget Direct and the representative advised me that, it is Brand car and any accident occurred and I will be replaced by brand new car. Therefore, I have signed up with Budget Direct. But after the incident and they have changed their vocal and saying that, It will be repair what a BIG lies to the consumer. Now 7 months running, there is car still waiting to be repair. Please DO NOT signed up with these Scammers. They keep lies to our communities to get their business running. Go with other local Insurers. There is no point to pay large amounts of insurance premiums with these idiots.

    I learn my lesson, Never again.

    Rating: 0.5
  2. I wont ever deal with this company again.
    I have 2 vehicles under the road side assistance. The one vehicle was just recently about 2 month ago covered for road side assistance. The vehicle got sold, so I thought I would get a refund. No such luck. Once my current insurance is due for renewal I will take my business elsewhere.
    I was given the option to transfer the cover to someone else but certainly not transferred to my current policy.

  3. It was really easy to get our 4×4 insurance with budget direct, they easily took the payment. But when we were caught in a huge hail storm they did everything to avoid covering the damage. They even suspended cover and made it really difficult. If your car has any modifications or accessories then this will be reason to not cover. Disgusted!

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