1. I purchased a 10 month policy that became worthless due to Covid19.
    I’ve spent over a month trying to get in touch with Itrek without any reply. When I eventually got hold of someone on the phone I was told I’d get a reply in the next few days – that was 4 weeks ago!
    Their policies don’t cover anything Covid-19 related, which meant it would be irresponsible to remain overseas.
    I’ll update this review if and when they get back in touch, but on what I’ve experienced so far, I would recommend avoiding this company.

    Rating: 1
  2. Jayson from the claims team put false and misleading words into my mouth and shamefully lied about the nature of my travel insurance claim being connected to coronavirus, so it would be easy to reject. I was very disappointed in his professional conduct and, if the issue remains unresolved, I will never buy any financial product from itrek again and keep telling my story about having false and misleading words being put into my mouth even though I was actually paying Jayson to do his job.

    Rating: 0.5
  3. When our overseas transport, our flight, was delayed, it meant that we would not arrive on time.
    We caught the next flight possible.
    this is the response.
    first uploaded receipts – they said they did not get them
    emailed PDF’s and JPG’s – they said unable to open them
    recompiled with alternate programs – they accepted them
    Section 13 Alternate Transport Expenses, states
    “We will pay your Reasonable additional travel expenses to reach a wedding, funeral, conference, sporting event or prepaid travel/tour arrangements on time if your scheduled overseas transport is cancelled, delayed, shortened or diverted and that means you would not arrive on time.
    Our prepaid travel/tour arrangement was to arrive in Brisbane, prepaid on the 1/9/2018.
    they replied
    “We appreciate you wanted to return home from your trip on time, however, arriving home is not a planned event”
    ” Pre-booked tour arrangements in this instance refer to tours provided by tour operated by tour companies and guides.
    Self guided arrangements are not considered tours.”
    They constantly quote words that are not in their PDS or refer you sections that mean where you don’t meet the criteria. they try to discourage you off from claiming.

  4. We took out platinum travel insurance with itrek about $1600 for two people for 12 months..was a really good price for the inclusions in the policy and in gereral..ne way I got really sick in Cusco, Peru..ambulance heaps of medical attention..scanns ekg’s, drags, ultra sounds, lost of meds..in hospital for 4 nights. We rang I trek.. It all went through travel guard..very easy! They said just have the doctor get them a report and get better.. Truly didn’t think it was going to be that easy.. So I was on a trek at the time…had to abandon it the first day in.. we had to cancel some other pre planned travel too.

    I was truly amazed that when I put a claim in for $2000 to cover lost travel plans…a hotel to hang around the area close to the hospital.. It got all approved..omg we were so impressed! I was not out of pocket $1 and they approved everything.. Truly if your looking for cover GET THIS!! There was the expected mountain of paperwork to fill in, and keep all your receipts! Soo basically I’m up $400 more than my insurance cost brilliant..if itrek read these.. See you guys next year on my trip to Europe..

    Rating: 5
  5. iTrek were great for me. I needed medical help while in Thailand and they really helped with the hospital. Made the whole process painless. I will go with iTrek again.

    Rating: 4

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