Travel insurance for seniors

Getting the right Travel Insurance for seniors can be difficult. Many insurance companies won’t even insure you if you are over 65 years old, or over 70 years old, etc.

Worldcare Travel Insurance cover travellers up to 85 years old.

Their age premium loading is very generous and only takes effect from 71 years old. In most other companies this is from 60 or 65, which is great for those people just a little older who still love to travel.

71 to 75 years: + 50% of premium

76 to 80 years: + 100% of premium

81 to 85 years: + 200% of premium

There may also be additional costs involved if you want cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Read the list of existing conditions carefully and understand if you are covered or not should your incident relate to one of these. Some companies will require a medical information form filled out and others may not cover you at all or refuse insurance.

Get a quote from Worldcare Travel Insurance or take a look at some of the other travel insurance options available

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