1. What has happened to Coles Insurance? Up until a couple of years ago I had transferred all of mine and my families insurance to Coles, both cars and houses. Over the past 2 years I have had to dump most of these because my renewals had gone up so much and I got several other quotes from others. The final straw came when I received my home insurance renewal. Up from $1,755 to $8,331 in one year. No claims, no fires or floods or crime in our area and I am retired and at home every day. I switched insurance cover for $2,200 elsewhere.

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  2. Coles Insurances (viz. Car and House) are just a front for the big insurance underwriters which rely upon the good name of Coles (founder G J Coles) to capture and control gullible customers.

    The “Little Red Car” promotion gets you in through “bait and switch” promotions.
    Lower premiums in the first year can be expected to increase by at least 10% even if you are in the lowest risk category. The initial windscreen protection drops off and a “not match price” policy prevails.
    Don’t expect any consideration for multiple policies, loyalty and continuous no-claims.
    Shop around, check their PDS before purchase and if you have concerns, you will get Durban in South Africa. Beep, Beep look out LITTLE RED CAR !!

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