1. I purchased travel insurance for a European holiday before co-vid was officially announced in 2019 for a trip in May 2020.
    I have received a refund for the trip okay but 1Cover will not refund, yet have not provided the service.
    Other travel insurance companies did refund.
    So dodgy.

    Rating: 0.5
  2. After abandoning an international trip due to corona, I asked for a refund from 1 Cover. They replied that they would not refund because the “cooling period” had expired, totally disregarding that this was not a matter of me deliberately ignoring the period, but that I could not fly because there were no flights available and the borders were closed, not by me, but by governments. I then accepted a credit note which required me to access my credit and take travel insurance with 1 Cover in the next 584 after which they would forfeit any unused balance. Unlike airlines like Virgin, 1 Cover did not include instructions has to how I would access and expend my credit. So, when I tried to phone for assistance yesterday, I was advised by voicemail, to visit their website. When I did so under “send messages”, there was no provision to send messages to claim against my credit. I send an email therefore to their customer service/information email address, and they have yet to answer. If I cannot access my $348.78, I will exercise options to recover that money including appealing to the Ombudsman for Insurance. I cannot walk away from that money as if I banned international flights.

    Rating: 1
  3. Be very careful before you choose these guys we bought our insurance back in November 19
    Along come Covid 19 and didn’t they disappear fast. the most Un Australian company. every other insurance company is covering people if they took out the insurance prior to Covid been announced.
    Buy a policy at your own risk what charlatans.

    Rating: 1
  4. Definitely don’t use this insurance if you have a second hand phone. My phone was stolen overseas, everything but proof of purchase (Impossible to have as it’s second hand) was provided for the claim yet they refuse to pay out..

    Rating: 0.5
  5. I have just tried to renew our annual (multi trip) travel insurance with 1cover. Despite answering the same questions each year with the same information about a pre existing condition that I never expected to be covered for anyhow, this year they have just said “policy declined”. No reason, no suggestions, nothing except when I asked for information about the decision, I was told they have changed their policies! The PDS doesn’t tell you everything. Take care with 1Cover.

    Rating: 1
  6. Had a great experience with 1Cover. Scraped the side of a hire car leaving a petrol station while on holiday in New Zealand recently. We’ve never made an insurance claim before and were not confident of results. However,1Cover were efficient and helpful, both in NZ and when we returned home. Our claim was processed quickly with no hassles.

    Rating: 5
  7. I am currently having a problem to claim with 1Cover. My flight was delayed on the day of travel by 1 hour 20 minutes which lead us to miss our connecting flights. The airline did not charge us any money to move us to the next available connecting flight and gave accommodation until such time we took the connecting flight. As a result of the delay we reached our final destination a day late and this meant we lost a day’s accommodation in the final destination. We lodged a claim for the loss of money totaling around $200. I provided them with the notification of delay and duration of delay and itineraries. They are asking me for a letter from the Airline stating the reason for delay and duration of delay (provided via email from the airline and submitted to 1 Cover) before they can process my claim. I am unsure of what happens with this, Disappointed with the attitude of 1Cover in paying up.

    Rating: 1
  8. Good price and cover. 1Cover processed our claim quickly and efficiently with no fuss. Will use agin.

    Rating: 5
  9. Do not ever get comprehensive insurance with this company it is a rort. My backpack was stolen while it was just 1 metre away from me up in an umbrella at a beach in Bali with banana chairs. I was told that because I was reading a book at the time it was stolen I was not covered. I provided them with police reports, receipts, explanations, no one seemed to think that a bag in my peripheral vision while reading a book was acceptable monitoring of belongings. It would be this companies opinion that unless you have you eyes 100%fixed on your belongings for the entire duration of your holiday you will not be covered. Why get insurance at all? Customer service was rude and condescending after speaking with an employee named J… This company is run by ALLIANZ. So avoid like the plague. All the years I have used this company and all the money spend on policies I have just realised has been an absolute waste of money. Our school will also no longer be using this company. I have also recently found out from people I know who have had similar issues with this company. Someone should look into the scam that this company is providing. THEY WILL NOT PAY legitimate claims so don’t waste your money. I will be seeking to take this issue further as it has to be illegal. I have read other reviews for this company and noticed that all the good reviews are from people who have not had to make a claim. Try and make a legitimate claim with Number 1 Cover and they will not pay.

  10. Failed to provide purchased service

    Our policy doc was not checked by us until we got an email asking how the holiday was…what? We haven’t been yet! Someone has put the wrong month on the policy and 1Cover refuses to correct it. Buy another policy they say and won’t refund our money. Hardly the type of business one could recommend to family and friends. Poor form!

    Rating: 1
  11. Do not choose this company. The customer service is terrible, and they will do anything to not pay what is owed.

    I paid for a year of comprehensive insurance – which was not cheap. In June my passport was stolen in Vietnam by a bag snatcher. My drivers licence had expired while I was travelling, so I was required to return to Australia in order to get a new passport.

    I am incredibly disappointed in 1 Cover. Not only did they refuse to pay for my flights back to Australia (a necessary expense in order to even get a new passport), they also cancelled my insurance when I returned home – despite the fact I had paid for a full year, and despite the fact I had no choice but to return home, and despite the fact I always had every intention on continuing my travels when my new passport was issued.

    Dealing with the company has been a constant headache. A claims consultant called me to inform me that most of my claim had been denied. I asked for more details and was promised that I would receive a call the next day. After waiting for almost a week, I received an email with the details, and a number to call. The number was disconnected. I had booked my flights to continue my trip, and had to leave the country uninsured due to 1Cover’s incompetence. I emailed them a complaint almost a week ago and still haven’t heard back from them.

    1Cover has failed to reimburse me the money I was owed, they have cancelled my insurance half way through the year (with no refund), and they have been unresponsive and difficult to contact. They have made a horrible situation so much worse, and I am now overseas and uninsured because of their terrible customer service.

    My travel companion made a claim with Travel Insurance Direct and found the claims process easy and got reimbursed more than she had expected. Next time I will be going with them.

  12. I put in my first travel insurance claim with 1 Cover 4 years ago and it took nearly 12 months of perseverance to get my money. I could take my holiday due to my son taking seriously ill and I stupidly believed it would be a simple matter of sending in the legitimate details with clarification from the Dr and all receipts for the holiday. Every time I thought I had completed all the paper work this company requested they would ask for more. I even had to claim the taxes back myself from the airline which was very difficult and took 3 months. It was only after their requests went on for several months that I finally had enough and threatened to go to consumer affairs. I got the money – a measly $2,000 within a couple of days! They may be cheap but impossible to claim with!!

    Rating: 2
  13. I have been travelling around the world for the past 3 years, due to the fact that I never seem to make a claim on any of my travel insurence, I decided to seek cheaper cover. I signed up with 1cover and went on my way. a few months later I had to urgently return home Due to my mother having a heart attack and my father being diagnosed with Cancer. I sent through a claim for the $900 in flights. After over 2 months of constantly calling to check on my claim and having to supply letters from the doctors and hospital as proof of my familys illness, my claim was denied on the grounds that ‘You dont have citizenship in the country you were visiting .. so.. you would have had to return back to Australia one day”

    If only these reviews were available before I travelled.

    Rating: 2
  14. Last year we took our 2 kids, 2 and 4 to Disneyland. we parked our double phil n ted pram in the designated ‘stroller parking’ area which is all over Disneyland with over 20 other parked prams and went on a ride with our kids. when we got back, (just under 10 mins) our pram had been stolen and it took security over 15 mins to get to me and the kids. my husband had run to the entrance in the hope of catching the thieves. We were then told by security that over 30 prams get stolen a day in Disneyland and the phil n teds was the more popular ones. note that they had no signs warning you of this at their stroller parking areas and apparently their security cameras are only used if people steal from Disneyland and not from each other!!! upon our return, we finally contacted the travel insurance company (note also we couldn’t contact them overseas by any provided number!!!), I was told to fill in a claim and to provide as much proof of evidence ie photos, receipts etc. I spent 2 weeks doing this only to be told that our claim was being denied because we left our pram in an unsupervised public place! They did pay for all our medical bills though. Our claim got denied through the 3 internal disputes.

    I would not recommend this insurance company to anyone – however, they are all the same when it comes to claims. They’ll happily take yr money but giving it back is another issue! some don’t even take photos as proof of ownership – only receipts!! who the hell keeps all their receipts in case they lose something overseas?? only solution is to buy everything cheap and new before travel and then you’ll have receipts!!

    Rating: 1
  15. I will never buy an insurance product from 1cover again and am canceling my car insurance with allianz and any other products associated with mondial. I have been a loyal customer for years buying their products in good faith. I had an anniversary weekend away booked and took out travel insurance with 1cover but sadly the flights were with tiger. I had paid for transfers, activities, tours, accommodation but 1cover will not pay for the extra cost of tickets with another airline. They are not able to tell me the specific clause in the Pds that states I am not covered. They refuse to put me through to a supervisor. As a result I will be forfeiting the holiday because u do not have the money to buy another flight especially with only days notice. Zero out if ten for this insurance. Do not buy insurance from this company.

    Rating: 1

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