1. I chose to go with Travel Insurance Direct (TID) for my trip through Central and South America in 2019. I decided to go with them because they had competitive pricing, however I later learnt why they are a cheaper choice. Unfortunately while in Peru I had all of my most important personal belongings stolen from my accommodation. Although many of the items were completely irreplaceable, I had some small peace of mind knowing I had travel insurance. I was wrong to let this give me any peace of mind. Never in my life have I ever experienced such poor customer service. I experienced huge delays in responses to my emails (sometimes months), they spelt my name wrong, they requested documentation for a medical condition which I did not have and was not claiming for which later turned out to be another careless mistake made by the claims officer, part of my offer was calculated using the incorrect currency, my phone calls were completely ignored on multiple occasions and worst of all I was offered as little as 25% cover for my items. I would have been better off saving the money I spent on insurance. They also dragged my claim out for well over a year. If you actually want to be covered when you travel I would strongly recommend against TID!

    Rating: 1
  2. Have used TID for all my travel insurance for the last 7 years. I have never had a claim. So I was extremely disappointed when I was forced to cancel a trip to Japan because of Covid19, that I was not able to get my money back. Instead I was offered a credit (12 months expire). There is a catch though, I am required to purchase another travel insurance policy before June 21, pay for it and then apply for the credit.
    This is not acceptable. I will not be using TID ever again and I will make sure no friends or family members use them either.
    Every other aspect of our cancelled trip was refunded.
    Extremely bad customer service Travel Insurance Direct.

    Rating: 0.5
  3. We paid over $800 for our policy and made 3 claims for lost items, flight cancellation and theft. They rejected all 3 claims. My advice is to read the small print. They make it sound like you’re covered, you pay a lot and when it comes to claiming they are very quick to reject claim. Very unhappy customer.

    Rating: 1
  4. 22.6.2016

    Just last week I traveled to Thailand with my daughter and two grand daughters. One of my granddaughters got very ill with a stomach bug. Whilst sitting at Phuket Airport (leaving to go home) we decided to ring Travel Insurance Direct to see what would be needed if she was not able to travel any further. We tried every number that was on there web page a number of times, even the emergency number. Not one of the calls was answered. The number would ring once and then end the call. we then tried the on-line chat only to be told “this is not available”. I have on my phone all the calls that were unsuccessful to this company. There were of no help at all.

    Rating: 0.5
  5. I have not claimed with travel insurance direct but have taken their insurance for 2 trips. They were the cheapest I found after I used a coupon. Good limits on computer gear.

    Rating: 4
  6. I have not been happy at all.
    You have to pay upfront while getting care at the hospital and when a very expensive camera was lost which cost around $800 all I received was $250 and the camera was under 12 months old. When questioning a representative they said I should look at the fine print and they can make their own assessment on what should be paid.
    I would strongly suggest you look at other insurance for travel as friends have had much better service from other companies.

    Rating: 2
  7. I always buy with this company as it is unwritten by a insurance comapny i have heard of, and it is excellent value. On one of my many trips overseas I had a claim for almost $400 on a small damage repair on a motorhome in New Zealand. and I had no problems it went straight through. I would recommend this insurance company as it is affordable to the young and i purchase it for my uni student daughter all the time when she travels, shop around and you will see this is good value.

    Rating: 4

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